Shangri-la Mactan Resort - Fish Feeding by the Beach Shore

The schools of fish by the beach shore are the spoiled pets of Shangri-la Mactan resort. Just like a dog waiting for his treat, these fish go crazy at the sight of bread. Make sure to bring bread when you go to Shangri-la Mactan, not for you but for the fish!  I started shooting photos while feeding the fish not knowing what how the photos would look like. It turned out that I took some hilarious and candid fishy fishy shots. A fish tugging a piece of bread from my hands, a fish biting a bread under the sea and, two fishes which ended up kissing each other while fighting for a piece of bread. I'm not a pro photographer and these shots were taken using my Sony Tx5, I hope you enjoy these photos!

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  1. wow, i should visit Shangrila, just nearby our place.

  2. Hi Orville! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Yes, you should visit Shang Mactan. A bit expensive but definitely well worth your money. :)

  3. how much is the fish feeding?its so nice.. .i also want to go there..

  4. Hi Jeselle! Thanks for your comment. Believe it or not, the fish feeding is free for all guests in Shangrila Mactan. Previously, they supply free fish pellets but I think they have discontinued it. Just bring your own bread or get day old bread from Tides or Acqua restaurant.

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    Thank you!


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